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The Masterworks Chorale is critically recognized as one of Northern California's finest choral ensembles. Founded in 1964 by Artistic Director Emeritus Galen Marshall, the Chorale performs masterworks of sacred and secular choral literature from the Baroque period to today. Richard Garrin was Music Director from 1997-2002. Dr. Bryan Baker has been Artistic Director of the Chorale since the Fall of 2002.

Each season, the Chorale performs 3 to 4 pairs of concerts featuring instrumental ensembles comprised of the Bay Area's leading professional musicians. In addition, Masterworks is joined by professional vocal soloists whose credits include appearances with leading symphony orchestras and opera companies throughout North America and Europe.

Among the Chorale's guest appearances are performances with the San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Opera, San Jose Symphony, the Festival of Masses, and the Cabrillo Festival. Internationally, Masterworks has received critical acclaim during seven European tours, a tour of the People's Republic of China, a performance at Avery Fisher Hall and their 1989 debut at Carnegie Hall, featuring the Verdi Requiem.

The 25th Anniversary of the Chorale featured the World Premier of Alexander C. Post's Sea of Light, commissioned by the choir for the anniversary celebration. Capping their 30th Anniversary season celebration was Masterworks' Central European tour, including performances in Brno, Krakow, Budapest, and Prague, accompanied by the Brno Concert Orchestra and the Budapest Concert Orchestra. A recording of the Prague concert, recorded live on July 8, 1994, at the Rudolfinum's Dvorak Hall was aired on the radio series, The First Art, heard on over 200 stations throughout North America. Featured on the recording is the Beethoven Choral Fantasy with guest accompanist Jon Nakamatsu, who in 1997 won the acclaimed Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. For the 40th Anniversary season finale, Jon Nakamatsu and founder Galen Marshall returned to perform the Beethoven Choral Fantasy again with the Chorale

The video below is a sample of what we performed at the standing-room-only final concert of our 48th season. Click here for information on Masterworks upcoming season. more >>



Artistic Staff
Dr. Bryan Baker, Artistic Director & Conductor
Norm DeVol, Assistant Conductor
Inara Morgenstern, Principal Accompanist

Administrative Staff
Robin Rodricks, Manager
Stephanie Boireau, Bookkeeper / Office Assistant

Board of Directors, 2012 - 2013

Lory Kitamura-Tintor, President
Art Mahoney, Vice-President
H. Alton Schick, Treasurer
Bonnie Hiller Fullerton, Secretary
Dave Barman
Teri Boucher
Elsa Schafer

Chorale Members (Years in Chorale) noteSection Leader

  Soprano I Soprano II

Ariel Bowser (2)
Chelsea Cameron (1)
Senta Colombo (1)
Connie Croker (15)
Bonnie Hiller Fullerton (43)
Robin Hansen (14)
Krista Hanson (27) note
Lory Kitamura-Tintor (9)
Mary M. Metropulos (45)
Erin Moore (1)
Harriet Mukisa (1)
Susan Mutekanga (1)
Christine M. Niccoli (8)
Ann Rounds (14)
Laura Schultz (3)
F. Anne Shissler (33)
Margaret Staphorsius (43)
Cathy Sweetman (2)
Jamie Weinstock (5)
Lou Ann Wieand (12)
Louise Yarnall (9)

Teri Boucher (8)
Helen Burns (1)
Judi Cushing (6) note
Barbara Du Mond (7)
Nicole Fallen (1)
Charlene Kranz (4)
Becky Howland (2)
Johannah Newman (9)
Lynne Reuber (15)
Katie Riggs (8)
Jan Robertson (8)
Maggie Trinh (2)
Phyllis Wright (6)
Kiyomi Yamazaki (15)
Karin Zalec (33)

  Alto I Alto II

Megan Anderson (1)
Diana Berger (1)
Laura Brownlee (34)
Mary Burns (1)
Jan Hardy (42)
Lynn Harman (24) note
Patricia Hobe (42)
Rachael Hopper (35)
Susan Kalman (6)
Ronnie Sue Leith (32)
Winifred Omodt (1)
Elaine Quan (22)
Debra Reiss-Bubenheim (8)
Tricia Seibold (1)
Chris Stuart (3)
Minako Terahira (33)
Karen Vitale (14)

Laura Argento (2)
Solveig Ayres (31)
Becky Burad (1)
Barbara Caldwell (9)
Jacquelyn Chang (11) note
Marina Eydel (1)
Nancy Gardner (2)
Phyllis Hechim (12)
Jan Jensen (24)
Andrea G. Julian (45)
Judith Marsh (22)
Tereza McNamee (5)
Diane Musgrave (5)
Laura Peterhans (4)
  Tenor I Tenor II

Malcolm C. Catchatoorian (42)
Norm DeVol (21)
Denny Goetz (10)
Arthur Mahoney (4)
Elsa Schafer (5)
James Schwandt (1)
Donna Spencer (5)
Jim Sudduth (8) note
J. Stephen Taylor (26)

George Gardiner (16)
John Harrison (1)
John Martin (10)
Don Pettengill (5)
Paul Robles (9)
Bruce Tozier (7)

  Bass I Bass II

Dave Barman (10)
Ron Brown (8)
David Bubenheim (8)
Mark Fish (3)
Jim Hawley (5)
David Hooper (4) note
Peter Kim (6)
Peter McNamee (10)
Justin Montgomery (1)
Justin Shaw (1)
Colin Smith (4)

Jan Banquiles (1)
Nicholas Carlozzi (8)
Justin Daily (1)
Ed Firestone (13)
Bruce Huston (10)
Laurence Keuffer (2)
Elmer Mangalindan (1)
H. Alton Schick (26)
D. Bryant Spahn (23)
Bill Welch (9)
Paul Wendt (1)


Masterworks Chorale Emeritus

  Galen Marshall  

Artistic Director Emeritus  
  John Hancock  
    Accompanist - 34 years  
Jane Fairchild
Marilyn Stone
Janette Engel
Sue A. Scott
Merrill Scott (Board member)
Gary Brandenburg  
Win Fairchild
Jan Gunderson
Lorrie Hancock
Joani Blank
David Carlisle
Paul Reeve
John Williams
Gene Anna Hawthorne
Bob Hawthorne
Ruth Susoff
Karen Correa
Marge Montgomery
Mary Ann Notz
Susan Spellman
Linelle Marshall  
Pam Melton
Anne Pintner
Carolyn Shaw
Bob Adams
Pat Bulloch
Bart Crosby

Zelta Adams
Linda Bertolucci
Kevin Coffman
David Fairbank
Bonnie Borchers Fragomeni
Lori Knoebel
Rosemary Maulbetsch
Donna Ralston



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